Safe Tec DUCK-R Update

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There’s been a lot of question about whether or not the Safe Tec Duck-R can be towed continuously. In response, Safe Tec has amended its instructions to help clarify the situation:

“The Duck-R backup device is fitted with a Positioning cord. Users must always perform a full function test of their decent device and Duck-R before each descent. To move the Duck-R down, pull the Positioning cord down using the index finger and thumb, Users should only hold the positioning cord for as short a period as necessary and ensure that they are prepared to let go of the Positioning cord immediately at all times.

In many applications the Duck-R should be controlled independently of the descent device, in other it may be necessary to control both Duck-R and descent device simultaneously. It is the responsibility of the user to carry out a risk assessment and determine which method is best for their operational activity and environment”

This statement clarifies that the Safe Tec Duck-R can be towed continuously – at the users discretion after a risk assessment has been undertaken.

You can download the full safety notice here.

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