5th Point is uniquely placed to be able to offer complete customised rope access teams designed to complement and integrate with a ‘host’ team for the completion of any project or series of projects.


Personnel available include;

Rope Access Technical Authority 

Rope Access Project Managers

Rope Access Site Supervisors 

Rope Access Technicians with Trade Qualifications 

Rope Access Support Personnel and Administrative Assistants


Our rope access project managers are able to be integrated into your organisational structure or project management team, depending on the needs of the project.

5th Point’s rope access project managers have significant industry experience, are proactive and motivated to complete projects to the highest standards, and offer the highest standards of rope access skills and experience. Many are also qualified as IRATA Instructors and Assessors.

Our rope access project managers also have significant experience operating across varied client organisations and are experienced in managing projects within a wide range of policy and procedural requirements while maintaining focus on efficiency and delivery of a quality service to the end user.

Our rope access project managers can also become involved in building and strengthening your client relationships, as well as in development of your capabilities and identification and relationship building with prospective clients.

Our rope access site supervisors and other qualified rope access technicians are taken from a highly skilled pool of IRATA rope access technicians trained to the highest standards by us at 5th Point.

All site supervisors are IRATA Level 3 technicians who bring their comprehensive knowledge of work techniques, rigging, IRATA International codes of practice and compliance to the project and site. They also have a complete understanding of complex rescue methods in conjunction with excellent communication skills.

5th Point also has access to rope access technicians with trade qualifications and our team composition is sufficiently flexible to be adapted to the needs of each project. 5th Point is able to either deliver requisite trade skills within the rope access team, or facilitate your trade qualified personnel working in an environment requiring rope access.

5th Point recognise that supporting out rope access teams is vital to their onsite success. We are therefore committed to providing excellent rope access support and administrative assistance to all of our teams.

There is very little our support and administration team are unable to handle!

5th Point also have the skills and experience to offer access to a rope access technical authority as required. This is a technical role with specific responsibilities in the framework constructed by IRATA International, that 5th Point can integrate within your organisation or offer as a 5th Point resource accessible for your requirements.

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