IRATA International Training; the how and the why.

Welcome back to another wee blog! In the past we’ve delved a little bit deeper into the realm of IRATA – explaining how the association is structured, and a few details on the level [...]

5th Point & New Zealand

With the growth of IRATA globally, it’s no surprise that the industrial rope access industry in New Zealand is following suit. We’re going to delve a little deeper into the world of IRATA in this [...]

IRATA International Code of Practice

Did you know that the IRATA International Code of Practice (ICOP) is updated regularly by IRATA International? You can keep up to date with publications through the IRATA website, plus you can [...]

IRATA online!

Did you know that you can keep in touch with industry news on your Facebook feed? IRATA International now have an official Facebook Page – It’s a great [...]

In News

Safe Tec DUCK-R Update

There’s been a lot of question about whether or not the Safe Tec Duck-R can be towed continuously. In response, Safe Tec has amended its instructions to help clarify the situation: “The [...]

5th Point NZ News

Welcome to the 5th Point New Zealand News page. We will be posting semi-regular updates for both local and international IRATA news over the coming weeks and month. So stay turned for our first [...]