5th Point NZ Covid-19 Response

Covid-19 Response and Information At 5th Point our top priority is ensuring the health and wellbeing of our customers, employees and the community. We pride ourselves in our commitment to the [...]

IRATA International Training; the how and the why.

Welcome back to another wee blog! In the past we’ve delved a little bit deeper into the realm of IRATA – explaining how the association is structured, and a few details on the level [...]

5th Point & New Zealand

With the growth of IRATA globally, it’s no surprise that the industrial rope access industry in New Zealand is following suit. We’re going to delve a little deeper into the world of IRATA in this [...]

Holiday Closure

5th Point will be closed over Christmas and New Years! We will be back in the office on the 9th of January 2017. From the whole team at 5th Point, we wish you and your loved ones a safe and happy [...]

IRATA International – Refresher Training

If rope access Technicians do not use rope access methods for a period of more than six months, they are required to undergo refresher training. The training should be appropriate for each [...]

EN-Forcer Pre-Orders are now Live!

5th Point are excited to announce that the Safe Tec EN-Forcer is now available for pre-order! The EN-Forcer is all stainless (except positioning cord), with a stronger body with anti squeeze side [...]

In News

5th Point are in Doha!

What a crazy month! We have three of our instructors in Doha, Qatar for two IRATA training courses running back to back. The team then fly back to both Australia and New Zealand for more courses. [...]

IRATA International Code of Practice

Did you know that the IRATA International Code of Practice (ICOP) is updated regularly by IRATA International? You can keep up to date with publications through the IRATA website, plus you can [...]

2nd Edition of the IRATA TACS

Following feedback received, the sections of the Training, Assessment and Certification Scheme listed below have been updated: 4.4: Training programmes; 4.7: Reassessment; 4.9: Validity of [...]

IRATA online!

Did you know that you can keep in touch with industry news on your Facebook feed? IRATA International now have an official Facebook Page – www.facebook.com/IRATA.Official It’s a great [...]

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