• Good Content, both my trainers challenged my current work practices, and made me think. Cheers.

    Mike S.
  • This course was A+

    Chris G.
  • Very good course, I would recommend 5th Point.

    Frayne A.
  • Great Course, learnt heaps! Thanks Guys.

    Sam T.
  • Overall the course was great and relevant to my current working situation.

    Danny C.
  • All questions I asked were answered with confidence and the knowledge to back them up.

    Daniel A.
  • Dave is an excellent trainer, whom has a very clear and precise way of teaching. He constantly managed the fatigue of the guys on the course, to get the best results from their training. Thanks Dave!

    Wayne W.
  • I thank the trainers for their patience.

    Tomas I.
  • Very excellent training. Well explained concepts and I would definitely recommend this course to others.

    Tom N.
  • A very good course Practically, verbally and mentally well presented.

    Jake T.
  • A great course, helped me to climb using different techniques. I’ll give this course a 10/10.

    Davidson M.
  • Facility is great. Trainers willing and happy to help. There appeared to be no questions they couldn’t answer.

    Tuhiwai H.
  • Great course! Great Trainers! Great week!

    Georgina R.
  • Good Course Good Trainers Good experience. Nothing more to say.

    Cristobal L.