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Course Information Sheets:

IRATA International Course Information – Auckland
IRATA International Course Information – Wellington



TG-F01 Course Enrolment Form (completed on the first day of training)
QA-F01 Training Evaluation Form
QA-F03 Opportunity For Improvement Form


IRATA International 


International Code of Practice
ICoP September 2016 – All Parts
Edition 2014-July

ICoP Part 1 – Forward, Introduction, Scope, Structure, Terms and definitions, Principles and controls (V.2014-Jul-01)
ICoP Part 2 – Detailed Guidance

ICoP Part 3 Annex A – Risk Assessment (V.2013-Sep-01)
ICoP Part 3 Annex B – Safety Method Statements (V.2013-Sep-01)
ICoP Part 3 Annex C – List of standards referred to within the code of practice (V.2013-Sep-01)
ICoP Part 3 Annex D – Harness comfort and adjustability test (V.2013-Sep-01)
ICoP Part 3 Annex E – Other types of lanyard (V.2013-Dec-01)
ICoP Part 3 Annex F – Safety considerations when installing or placing anchor devices for use in rope access (V.2013-Sep-01)
ICoP Part 3 Annex G – Suspension intolerance (V.2014-Jul-10)
ICoP Part 3 Annex H – Equipment inspection checklist (V.2013-Sep-01)
ICoP Part 3 Annex I – List of information to be recorded following a detailed inspection of rope access equipment (V.2013-Sep-01)
ICoP Part 3 Annex J – Resistance to chemicals and other properties of some of the man-made fibres used in the manufacture of rope access equipment (V.2013-Sep-01)
ICoP Part 3 Annex K – Typical method of descending and ascending using IRATA International rope access (V.2013-Sep-01)
ICoP Part 3 Annex L – Other harness -based work at height access methods (V.2014-Aug-01)
ICoP Part 3 Annex M – Use of tools and other work equipment (V.2013-Sep-01)
ICoP Part 3 Annex N – Recommended list of information to be kept on site (V.2013-Sep-01)
ICoP Part 3 Annex O – Protecting rope access technicians against environmental conditions (V.2016-Sep-01)
ICoP Part 3 Annex P – Recommended actions for the protection of anchor lines (V.2013-Sep-01)
ICoP Part 3 Annex Q – Fall factors, fall distances and associated risks (V.2013-Sep-01)
ICoP Part 4 – Local Legislation: UK (V.2013-Dec-01)

IRATA Training, Assessment and Certification Scheme

Additional IRATA Assessment Information
Candidate’s Guide to IRATA Assessments

Additional Publications
IRATA International Standard Penalties
Code of Ethics for Assessors
Application for Membership rev July 2015

Replacement Document Request Form
Previous Works Record

IRATA Safety Bulletins:

All IRATA Safety Notices April.2016

Additional IRATA publications and information can be found online: www.irata.org

SPRAT Evaluation

5th Point SPRAT Training Checklist


SPRAT Direct Entry Application

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