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IRATA International Course Information – Wellington


TG-F07 Course Enrolment Form (completed on the first day of training)
QA-F01 Training Evaluation Form
QA-F03 Opportunity For Improvement Form
TG-F10 Replacement Documentation Request Form


IRATA International 


International Code of Practice
ICoP September 2016 – All Parts
Edition 2014-July

ICoP Part 1 – Forward, Introduction, Scope, Structure, Terms and definitions, Principles and controls (V.2014-Jul-01)
ICoP Part 2 – Detailed Guidance

ICoP Part 3 Annex A – Risk Assessment (V.2013-Sep-01)
ICoP Part 3 Annex B – Safety Method Statements (V.2013-Sep-01)
ICoP Part 3 Annex C – List of standards referred to within the code of practice (V.2013-Sep-01)
ICoP Part 3 Annex D – Harness comfort and adjustability test (V.2013-Sep-01)
ICoP Part 3 Annex E – Other types of lanyard (V.2013-Dec-01)
ICoP Part 3 Annex F – Safety considerations when installing or placing anchor devices for use in rope access (V.2013-Sep-01)
ICoP Part 3 Annex G – Suspension intolerance (V.2014-Jul-10)
ICoP Part 3 Annex H – Equipment inspection checklist (V.2013-Sep-01)
ICoP Part 3 Annex I – List of information to be recorded following a detailed inspection of rope access equipment (V.2013-Sep-01)
ICoP Part 3 Annex J – Resistance to chemicals and other properties of some of the man-made fibres used in the manufacture of rope access equipment (V.2013-Sep-01)
ICoP Part 3 Annex K – Typical method of descending and ascending using IRATA International rope access (V.2013-Sep-01)
ICoP Part 3 Annex L – Other harness -based work at height access methods (V.2014-Aug-01)
ICoP Part 3 Annex M – Use of tools and other work equipment (V.2013-Sep-01)
ICoP Part 3 Annex N – Recommended list of information to be kept on site (V.2013-Sep-01)
ICoP Part 3 Annex O – Protecting rope access technicians against environmental conditions (V.2016-Sep-01)
ICoP Part 3 Annex P – Recommended actions for the protection of anchor lines (V.2013-Sep-01)
ICoP Part 3 Annex Q – Fall factors, fall distances and associated risks (V.2013-Sep-01)
ICoP Part 4 – Local Legislation: UK (V.2013-Dec-01)

IRATA Training, Assessment and Certification Scheme

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IRATA International Standard Penalties
Code of Ethics for Assessors
Application for Membership rev July 2015

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IRATA Safety Bulletins:

All IRATA Safety Notices April.2016

Additional IRATA publications and information can be found online: www.irata.org

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