Why should I choose IRATA Training?


IRATA International was formed when rope access was truly in its infancy, with the association celebrating the 30th Anniversary in 2018. IRATA has developed the industrial rope access sector including the methodology and has taken the industry around the world. Working from the outset with the Health and Safety Executive and other regulatory and standards authorities, the Association has overseen the growth of a whole new division of the access industry and thus gained the experience one should inist on in a worldwide trade organisation.

So, why should you choose IRATA?

The teaching of the IRATA syllabus enables rope access technicians to progress through three Levels of proficiency, with certification issued at each level. The IRATA technician carries a card that is recognised Globally for its importance and value; over 105,000 IRATA technicians have been registered in over fifty countries and in every continent. The thorough, dedicated IRATA training programme delivers a skilled workforce that can reliably employ a proven work-at-height method.

You will not only receive IRATA training, provided by skilled instructors … every course is also assessed by experienced IRATA personnel who are independent of the 5th Point as a training company. This double guarantee of thorough training and independent assessment is the IRATA key to securing a safe work force.

If you appreciate and understand good training, and wish to employ personnel who have benefitted from it, you will understand that the best education comes from experienced specialists with an in-depth knowledge of their subject. It is not enough to turn to general industrial or tertiary sources or, even worse, general consultancies with little specialist awareness as these lack the detailed knowledge and understanding of the particular working environments and the capabilities of the industrial rope access system. By contrast, IRATA Instructors are specialists and experts in their field who have theoretical and practical teaching skills. Their individual abilities and the training centres they work in are regularly independently assessed to ensure that training in being delivered to the highest possible standards.

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