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We believe that providing a full system is likely to result in a higher level of customer satisfaction. By taking the opportunity to resolve future operational and maintenance concerns before they arise, projects have a complete system of care.

This is true for any operational projects within the working at heights sector. All businesses need to ensure that there is ongoing training and professional development for all personnel, the correct provision of personal protective equipment (PPE), and the supply of appropriate technical equipment per the requirements of the task at hand.

When implementing a complete access system, consideration should also be given to:

  • Documenting procedural requirements and methods for operator reference
  • Documenting emergency (rescue) procedures
  • Training supervisors, including in emergency (rescue) procedures
  • Ongoing periodic maintenance of systems and equipment.

5th Point provide a number of consultancy services to ensure you are safe at work at all times.

The design of a complete access system would usually encompass:

  • Policy and Procedure Documentation
    • Policy Documentation
    • Procedure / Training Manual
    • Emergency (Rescue) Plan
    • Inspection Procedure and Inspection Log
  • Equipment
    • PPE (harness / helmet)
    • Technical Equipment (rope access system / ropes and rigging)
    • Emergency Replacement Equipment Kit (key spares)
    • Rescue Kit
  • Training
    • Operator Training
    • Supervisor / Rescue Training
  • Maintenance
    • Periodic Maintenance (including inspection, cleaning, maintenance and replacement as required) of:
      • Anchor Points (optional)
      • PPE
      • Technical Equipment

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System Design
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